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One Christmas, I gave everyone on my staff a Cause a Ripple gift set and THE STONE GIVER book. It was the perfect present to let them know how much I appreciate their passion and hard work. Every day they create ripples by helping to make homeowners' dreams come true! 

Shonna Cardillo, President of White Rose Settlements

I gave a Cause a Ripple stone set to each of my daughters, both teachers. It's a special reminder of not only the positive ripples they've created in my life but also in the lives of their students. 

Kris Ort, mother

I'm a huge supporter of Cause A Ripple and the creator's personal ministry of recognizing those who have made a difference in the lives of others. In fact, Cause A Ripple was the inspiration behind my novel THE STONE GIVER. 

Buffy Andrews, Best-selling author